Did you know that lauan, the thin plywood so ubiquitous in set building, is terrible for the environment?   According to Rainforest Relief, demand for this tropical lumber has caused the Philippines and Thailand to demolish 85% of their forests, and Malaysia 65%.  Logging is now shifting to Indonesia, whose forests will last only 10 years at current logging rates.  Not only does deforestation eviscerate local wildlife and threaten biodiversity, it promotes climate change.

You Want What? does not use tropical lauan plywood.  Instead we employ a functionally identical product made from temperate hardwoods that are more sustainable.  We are compliant with Rainforest Relief’s Safe Sets initiative.

Beyond that, we strive to consider the environment in all our actions.  Whenever possible, we reclaim old sets and reuse the materials.  We keep our heat low, recycle, use cloth towels in the bathroom, and watch our MPGs.

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