Any way you need us to.  Whether a custom design or modular rental, we can be involved in your design process from day one, working collaboratively to make something great.  Or if you have a designer we can bid and build from their plans, be they perfectly drafted on a computer or sketched on a cocktail napkin.  If you have the latter but need the former, we can draft and render your ideas before turning them into reality.

We provide free custom renderings of our rental options and free quotes on custom builds.

Once the designs are set, we’ll provide a detailed bid so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for exactly what price. If needed, we'll work with you to find ways to make your project fit its budget while retaining its integrity. Once the bid is approved we’ll set our staff of carpenters, painters and craftspeople to work in our shop, then deliver and set up at your venue.

We travel anywhere in the US with a robust “mobile shop” and are ready to handle any on-site contingency. We can provide a full scenic crew, or a lead to work with local hands. It’s all about your needs.